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SIG France is a leading distributor in France specialising in pedestrian marking, public space equipment, and road safety products. At SIG France, we take pride in our role as a trusted distributor, delivering exceptional products that meet the diverse needs of our customers. Our dedication to quality, reliability, and customer satisfaction sets us apart as a leader in the industry. 

Tactile marking

Tactile marking

Products constituting the Tactile Information System, used for convex marking of surfaces for the blind and visually impaired.Marking public space for people with disabilities is in line with the requirements of Polish and European law.

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Road Traffic Safety

Road Traffic Safety

Horizontal and vertical marking products. Devices to increase traffic, cycling and pedestrian safety.

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Public Space Equipment

Public Space Equipment

Products to finish and secure parking lots, sidewalks, pavements, walkways, green belts, surroundings of buildings, housing estates, logistics areas, etc. Public facilities.

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Our selection

Discover our exclusive products, our unique products specially designed to meet the needs and preferences of our most demanding customers. These exclusive products are the result of in-depth research and development, aimed at offering innovative, top-of-the-range solutions.

Parking Stoppers SIG Standard

The Parking Stoppers SIG Standard enable precise and safe parking, help to optimise the use of the parking space and to protect the adjacent elements, such as pavements, lawns, walls, glazing, barriers, vertical signs, decorative elements, other cars, etc. from damage. They additionally increase safety at the border between parking zones and pedestrian areas.

Embedded Solar Road Stud SIG 31D

Solar Road Studs SIG 31D are a highly efficient source of light designed for road marking and to increase road safety. They are made using the highest quality components and are in compliance with EU certification.

Inox Road Studs

SIG France Inox Road Studs are used to designate pedestrian crossings, the boundaries between walkways and vehicular traffic, lanes and parking spaces, and more.

Frameless logo in 316L stainless steel

The frameless 316L stainless steel logo can be used to mark disabled parking spaces, spaces reserved exclusively for electric vehicles, cycle lanes, etc. in a durable and highly attractive way.

SIG France

SIG France is a recognized European manufacturer and supplier of devices for marking and securing roads, finishing lanes, parking lots, areas near roads and green areas, as well as marking public space for the needs of the blind and the visually impaired.

Our offer includes e.g. glass omnidirectional retroreflectors TRANSTIMEX 360° [the so-called cat's-eyes], tactile marking elements of stainless steel and methacrylic resins, flexible posts, parking fenders, road traffic safety devices and others.

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