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SIG France is a recognized European manufacturer and supplier of devices for marking and securing roads, finishing lanes, parking lots, areas near roads and green areas, as well as marking public space for the needs of the blind and the visually impaired.

Our offer includes e.g. glass omnidirectional retroreflectors TRANSTIMEX 360° [the so-called cat's-eyes], tactile marking elements of stainless steel and methacrylic resins, flexible posts, parking fenders, road traffic safety devices and others.

SIG France products are certified and are commonly used in EU countries.

SIG France main advantages include:

  • a wide selection of high-quality specialty products,
  • continuous updates of our offer with innovations and launched products,
  • our own production activity guaranteeing competitive prices, short delivery times and flexible terms of cooperation,
  • standard of performance that meets strict criteria and is confirmed by certificates

SIG France is committed to building a lasting and satisfying business relationship with his customers: construction companies, commercial businesses, design studios and direct investors.

We offer attractive discount systems, provide support with technical issues related to the installation and advise in terms of the applicable regulations and industry standards.

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All our products are scrupulously selected and manufactured in France or in Europe.


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