Inox Tactile Elements – EU model

The Inox Tactile Elements are warning devices designed to provide tactile marking zones on surfaces to alert the blind and the visually impaired when approaching an area that is hazardous or significant to communication.

Technical characteristics:

  • The Tactile Elements are made of stainless steel 316 Cu.
  • They exhibit excellent resistance to abrasion, UV radiation, atmospheric pollution and road salt.
  • They give the surface very high non-slip properties due to additional grooving.
  • Simple installation by gluing into the drilled surface; a chemical bond ensures a very high resistance to breaking of over 400 kg - on request, we offer templates for drilling the surface for installation (oblique or perpendicular layout).


  • Ø of the head: 25 mm
  • height of the head: 5 mm
  • 9 grooves
  • Ø of mounting thread: 10 mm
  • Length of mounting thread: 12 mm
In contrast to ready-made mats with stubs made of resin, tactile elements of stainless steel can be used not only outdoors, but also inside any buildings and closed spaces.


The tactile elements are used to mark all sensitive and hazardous areas, such as:

  • edges of railway platforms or subway stations;
  • beginning of stairs and escalators;
  • elevators;
  • edges of streets;
  • pedestrian crossings;
  • edge of the bus or tram depot;
  • edges of walkways and cycling routes;
  • routes for persons with disabilities;
  • and many others.


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