Parking Stoppers SIG Standard

The Parking Stoppers SIG Standard enable precise and safe parking, help to optimise the use of the parking space and to protect the adjacent elements, such as pavements, lawns, walls, glazing, barriers, vertical signs, decorative elements, other cars, etc. from damage. They additionally increase safety at the border between parking zones and pedestrian areas.

Description : Parking Stoppers SIG Standard

Available colours:

  • black
  • red (brick-red)
  • grey
  • green
  • at the customer’s request, the product can be made from EPDM, in any desired RAL colour.

Technical characteristics:

  • Material: recycled rubber and polyurethane (model 75 with additional steel reinforcement)
  • very high performance parameters, resistant to UV
  • additional white strap increasing visibility both during the day and at night
  • quick and easy installation by bolting down; possible demounting and relocation
  • selection of dimensions depending on the nature and intended use of the car park area
  • selection of standard colours with an additional option of customisation
  • Environmental protection thanks to the use of recycled materials and manufacturing in the EU

Available dimensions:

  • model 75:    1000 x 120 x 75 mm (3 mounting points)
  • model 120:  1000 x 180 x 120 mm (4 mounting points)


  • lanes and parking zones
  • city, commercial, residential, public and private car parks
  • logistic and warehouse areas
  • garages
  • driveways, etc.


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