Tactile / Anti-Slip Mat SH

The Tactile / Anti-Slip Mat SH is a warning device, an element of tactile marking designed to alert the blind and the visually impaired while approaching the danger zone.

Technical characteristics:

  • The Tactile / Anti-Slip Mat SH is manufactured on an industrial scale from white methacrylic resin, flexible and anti-yellowing.
  • The material of which the Mat is made guarantees very long life of the markings, without abrasion and deformation of the stubs (commonly occurring in e.g. elements made of concrete or thick film mass).
  • The chemical composition of the Mat, as well as its mechanical properties provide the perfect adhesiveness to concrete and coated surfaces.
  • The Tactile / Anti-Slip Mat SH has a very high resistance to abrasion and slip resistance in humid conditions: its friction coefficient is 0.72 (AFPV testing at the CEBTP institute no. BRO4.9.0143) - the applicable standard recommends the friction coefficient of at least 0.45.
  • The mat is dyed during the preparation of the pulp. At the customer's request, it comes in different colors (basic colors: white and gray).
  • Complies with NF P 98-351.


  • Length: 800 mm
  • Width: 420 mm or 600 mm
  • Mat thickness: 2 mm (with bumps: 7 mm)
  • Regularly spaced bumps
  • Bump diameter: 25 mm
  • Bump height: 5 mm


The Tactile / Anti-Slip Mat SH is used to mark all sensitive and hazardous areas, such as:

  • edges of railway platforms
  • the edges of bus and tram stops,
  • pedestrian crossings,
  • edges of streets,
  • edges of walkways and cycling routes
  • beginning of stairs and escalators,
  • elevators,
  • routes for persons with disabilities
  • and many others

Not suitable for use in confined spaces

The mat is installed by gluing it to the surface - please strictly observe the « Installation Instructions » [see Technical Documentation].


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