Speed Cushion QUARTET

The SIG France QUARTET Speed Cushions are used to reduce the speed of cars without hindering the movement of public transportation, emergency services and cyclists.

Description : Speed Cushion QUARTET

The Speed Cushions are available in two colors:

  • Red and white
  • Black and white

Specifications and dimensions of individual elements of the Cushion are available in the Product Data Sheet

Technical characteristics:

  • Made of UV-resistant rubber
  • Economical, waterproof, stable
  • Special non-slip surface structure meets the European standard 45 SRT
  • Consists of 4 elements (2 left ones and 2 right ones) - quick and easy installation
  • Highly visible even at night due to the reflective properties of the 3M tape
  • Greatly reduces speed on all roads
  • Thanks to the available sizes, it is particularly friendly to public transportation: allows buses to ride comfortably at reduced speed.

The Speed Cushions are available in two sizes:

  • Large: 1800 x 3000 x 65 mm
  • Small: 1800 x 2000 x 65 mm


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