Raised Table Speed Bump SGH

The SIG France Raised Tables are used to gradually - and thus effectively and safely - slow down vehicles. It is an ideal solution to increase traffic safety, especially in close proximity to pedestrians, e.g. internal roads, near large crowds of pedestrians (e.g. schools, shopping centers, hospitals, public offices, etc.)

Description : Raised Table Speed Bump SGH

The modular design of Raised Tables SGH allows assembling combining components into surfaces of various lengths and widths, tailored to a specific location.

Elements of Tables are made of rubber which makes them lighter than concrete or asphalt ones, and easier to install; they can be removed for road maintenance and reinstalled without additional costs.

The Raised Tables are available in two colors:

  • Red and white
  • Black and white

The Raised Tables SGH are also available in the Elevated Pedestrian Crossing variant: made of high quality rubber in red or white, they can be used for many years while maintaining the required color.

Technical characteristics:

  • Made of UV-resistant vulcanized rubber
  • Special non-slip surface structure meets the European standard 45 SRT
  • Economical, waterproof, stable (additional "puzzle" connections between the elements)
  • Highly visible even at night due to the reflective properties of the 3M tape
  • Quick and easy installation of modules using 6 pieces of mounting hardware
  • The Raised Table system consists of 12 types of modules (2 right, 2 left, 2 middle, available in two different heights each) - quick and easy installation on any surface

Module dimensions:

  • Width: 450 mm or 500 mm (Crossings)
  • Length: 1000 mm
  • Height: 0-8 mm or 0-10 mm (Crossings)
  • Weight: 24-37 kg or 29-55 kg (Crossings)


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