Segment Traffic Island SGH

The Traffic Island SGH is an element of road traffic safety, applicable in parking lots, pedestrian crossings, as separation of traffic lanes etc.

Description : Segment Traffic Island SGH

It is characterized by high resistance to mechanical damage as well as the speed and ease of installation, and the various segments allow building islands in many different sizes and shapes.

Made from environmentally friendly brick-red rubber regrind. The 3M reflective elements applied on the edge increase the island's visibility and the safety of road users.

Corner elements, edge, internal components; mounting components - specifications and sample solutions in the Product Data Sheet.

Model 80:

  • Corner Module 800x800x100mm
    (4 fixation points)
  • Edge Module 800x400x100mm
    (2 fixation points)
  • Middle Module 800x400x100mm
    (2 fixation points)
  • Middle Module 400x400x100mm
    (2 fixation points)

Model 50:

  • Corner Module 500x500x100mm
    (4 fixation points)
  • Edge Module 500x500x100mm
    (4 fixation points)
  • Middle Module 500x500x100mm
    (4 fixation points)

Model MINI:

  • Edge Module 500x500x130mm
    (4 fixation points)
  • Middle Module 500x500x130mm
    (4 fixation points)


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