Solar Road Studs SIG12D

Solar Road Studs SIG 12D are a highly efficient source of light designed for road marking and to increase Road Traffic Safety. They are made using the highest quality components.

Description : Solar Road Studs SIG12D

The Spot Solar Elements SIG 12D combines the functionality of reflective markers with the extremely high efficiency of LED lighting. They provide high-quality active road marking, fully autonomous - powered only by solar energy.

SIG 12D solar road stud complies with CE standard.

3 models available:

  • SIG12D : flat bottom
  • SIG12DK : likewise SIG12D with shaft
  • SIG12DS : synchronised Bluetooth version (flashing) of SIG12D

The SIG12DS Bluetooth studs, are under AD-HOC protocol, they auto-synchronise automatically between them step by step. To ensure the proper functioning of the synchronisation simply make sure that the studs are installed with a maximum of 3 meters between two studs (ex: for 30 meters in a straight line you will need 11 studs).


  • Width: 125 mm
  • Lenght: 117 mm
  • Height: 25 mm
  • Shank size: length 53mm * diam 31 mm (model SIG12DK)


  • Full path
  • LED color (red, green, orange, blue, white)
  • Steady or flash mode available,
  • Autonomy flashing mode: 140 h
  • Pressure resistance: 40t
  • Impact resistance IK10


  • Lane delineation
  • Roundabout with necessary synchronised flashing demarcation
  • Lane marking and guidance
  • Accident prevention at black spots


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