Solar Road Stud SIG 11D

The Solar Road Studs SIG 11D are a highly efficient source of light designed for road marking and to increase road traffic safety. They are made using the highest quality components.

Description : Solar Road Stud SIG 11D

The Solar Road Studs SIG 11D combine the functionality of reflective markers with high efficiency of LED lighting. They provide high-quality active road marking, fully autonomous - powered only by solar energy.

They are perfect for wet conditions where the performance of traditional retroreflectors is reduced (car lights disperse in water rather than bounce back from the markers), while the light emitted by the LEDs remain visible.

The highly intensive LED lighting pierces the fog. It is an additional lighting, which increases safety on roads with poor or no street lighting.

LED light already turn on at natural light intensity of 200 LUX, which makes the Solar Road Studs SIG 11D operate not only at night but also during rain, fog, dusk.


  • Width: 102 mm
  • Length: 82 mm
  • Height: 20mm
  • Weight: 170 g


  • Ultra-high intensity LEDs combined with powerful reflectors provide excellent light performance.
  • The markings are already visible from over 300m
  • The waterproof (IP67), very strong polycarbonate housing ensures long-term durability of the markings.
  • The light automatically turns on and off already at a natural light intensity of 200 LUX.
  • Fully autonomous light source powered exclusively by solar energy is economical and maintenance-free.
  • Very simple and quick installation by gluing on surface or by a screw connection or both.


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