Retroreflecting Kerb Stud TRANSTIMEX 360° KERB 50mm

The SIG France TRANSTIMEX 360° KERB STUD is a multidirectional spot retroreflector made of tempered glass, with the reflective effectiveness in the range of 360°, which is used to indicate obstacles and to help to secure road and urban facilities.

Description : Retroreflecting Kerb Stud TRANSTIMEX 360° KERB 50mm

Intended for installation in curbs, roundabouts, barriers, islands, speed bumps and similar items of road facilities.

TRANSTIMEX 360° Kerb Studs are made in the EU, in accordance with the latest European standard PN-EN 1463-1:2009 and are CE certified.

There is also a Road variant of TRANSTIMEX 360°
Installation Instructions and the current CE certificate are available in the Technical Documentation.

Technical characteristics:

  • Made of tempered glass with a very high strength.
  • Self-cleaning while in use, requires no maintenance.
  • Easy installation by non-adhesive embedding due to the rubber installation guard.


  • Diameter: 50 mm (57 mm with installation guard)
  • Total height: 43.5 mm
  • Height above the surface: 12 mm
  • Available colors: white, red, green


  • roundabouts;
  • arches;
  • islands;
  • intersections;
  • tunnels;
  • etc.


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