Traffic Separators / Road Limiters SGH

The Traffic Separator (a.k.a. Side Clearance Limiter) SGH is an element of road traffic safety used to separate the side clearance, to separate tram tracks from the roadway, to separate cycle and pedestrian routes, to separate bus bays, etc.

Description : Traffic Separators / Road Limiters SGH

Available in two colors:

  • Black (white reflective tape)
  • Red (white reflective tape)

Technical characteristics:

  • Made of high quality recycled rubber, environmentally friendly
  • Highly visible even at night due to the reflective properties of the 3M tape
  • Economical, waterproof, stable

Available in two sizes:

  • model 70: 700 x 150 x 45 mm,
    • 3 mounting points, 4.6 kg
  • model 120: 1200 x 150 x 45 mm,
    • 3 mounting points, 6.2 kg


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