Guiding Band SH

The SIG France Guiding Band SH is a support device, part of tactile marking, which aids the orientation of the blind and the visually impaired.

Technical characteristics:

  • The Guiding Band SH is manufactured on an industrial scale from white methacrylic resin, flexible and anti-yellowing.
  • The chemical composition of the Band, as well as its mechanical characteristics provide very high resistance to abrasion and slip resistance.
  • The tape is dyed during the preparation of the pulp. At the customer's request, it comes in different colors (white, gray, yellow, others on request).
  • Along the tapes run three lanes with a width of 3 cm and a height of 5 mm each, which form two "gutters", which can be used e.g. to slide the cane into or feel the right direction with one's feet.

Dimensions :

  • Length: 500mm
  • Width: 155 mm
  • Thickness: min. 3mm - max. 5mm


With the help of Guiding Bands you can:
  • set and mark communication routes;
  • mark entrances to strategic locations such as elevators, stairs, exits, etc.;
  • designate the safe zone for movement on sidewalks, platforms and elsewhere.

Guiding Bands allow many different warning and guidance applications, which can greatly facilitate the lives of the blind and visually impaired as well as other users of public space.


Very quick and simple assembly by gluing strips to the surface with a two-component adhesive (also available in our offer) - please strictly observe the « Installation Instructions » [see Technical Documentation].

Not suitable for use in confined spaces.


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