Flexible post TPU

Flexible post TPU is to reinforce the continuous permanent marking in the divergent signaling, to separate the lanes in the bends or to protect the pedestrians by tracing the edge of the sidewalk …

Description : Flexible post TPU

Bollards—the short posts that mark perimeters and guide traffic—are often made of steel or concrete, designed to stop a car in its tracks. Yet in some places, site planners don’t want a fixed bollard that could do vehicle damage or stop a car. Emergency vehicles may need to access a curb, even across a bike lane. Drivers often bump parking stops while trying to get fully into a space, and a hard bollard may cause unnecessary damage. In parking lots, having a lane marker may be necessary to separate traffic lanes—but frustrate wide-turning trucks. In these situations, a flexible solution is needed.

These handy flexible posts TPU are made from thermoplastic polyurethane and that means that these posts can withstand impacts from small and large vehicles. So the impact won’t leave any damage to the traffic post or the vehicle involved.


  • Extremely flexible TPU material, unbreakable and rebound design
  • Strong resistance to weather conditions -20° / +60°C
  • Easily installed
  • Excellent Night-Day visibility
  • Extremely high quality of reflective sheeting used (PVC tape)
  • Soft material so as not to damage the vehicle at a collision
  • Long lasting. Ideal for off-highway use
  • UV stabilised and non-fading colours used
  • ISO 901: 2008 CE 


  • Height: 750 mm
  • Ø 80
  • Weight 1,30 kg +/-0,15
    • Ø base: 200 mm


Easily installed with 3 provided screws (Ø 1 cm & 10 cm long).


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