Tactile Panel ALU

The Tactile Panel ALU / INOX is a warning device, an element of tactile marking designed to alert the blind and the visually impaired while approaching the danger zone..

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Technical characteristics:
▪ The Tactile Panel ALU is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum.
▪ Thanks to the used material and its structure, the Tactile Panel is characterized by a high resistance to abrasion.
▪ Very quick and easy installation by screwing (12 mounting points) and/or gluing.
▪ It is suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors.
▪ Complies with NF P 98-351.

▪ Length: 810 mm
▪ Width: 620 mm
▪ Panel thickness: 2 mm (with bumps: 7 mm)
▪ Regularly spaced bumps (oblique layout)
▪ Bump diameter: 25 mm
▪ Bump height: 5 mm

The Tactile Panel ALU is used to mark all sensitive and hazardous areas, such as:
▪ edges of railway platforms;
▪ the edges of bus and tram stops;
▪ pedestrian crossings;
▪ edges of streets;
▪ edges of walkways and cycling routes;
▪ beginning of stairs and escalators;
▪ elevators;
▪ routes for persons with disabilities;
▪ and many others.