Speed Calmer SGH

SIG France Speed Calmers are used to reduce the speed of vehicles and increase traffic safety. Due to their longer and less aggressive ramps, they give vehicles a smoother and more effective traffic calming alternative to traditional speed bumps.

  • Ralentisseur – gendarme couché

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The modular structure of Speed Calmers SGH allows combining elements in lines of any length.

The speed calmer is made of black recycled rubber and lined with reflective 3M Scotch Lane (in yellow) which provides good visibility both during the day and at night.

Speed Calmers SGH are available in 3 sizes:

Small calmer h5: ramp length 600 mm, height 50 mm
Center element 600 x 500 x 50 mm 12kg, Edge 600 x 350 x 50 mm 6kg
Large calmer h5: ramp length 895 mm, height 50 mm
Center element 895 x 495 x 50 mm 16kg, Edge 895 x 435 x 50 mm 9,5kg
Large calmer h7: ramp length 940 mm, height 70 mm
Center element 940 x 495 x 70 mm 23kg, Edge 940 x 445 x 70 mm 15kg