Retroreflecting Kerb Stud TRANSTIMEX 360° KERB 50mm

The SIG France TRANSTIMEX 360° KERB STUD is a multidirectional spot retroreflector made of tempered glass, with the reflective effectiveness in the range of 360°, which is used to indicate obstacles and to help to secure road and urban facilities.

Intended for installation in curbs, roundabouts, barriers, islands, speed bumps and similar items of road facilities.

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Technical characteristics:
▪ Made of tempered glass with a very high strength.
▪ Self-cleaning while in use, requires no maintenance.
▪ Easy installation by non-adhesive embedding due to the rubber installation guard.

TRANSTIMEX 360° Kerb Studs are made in the EU, in accordance with the latest European standard PN-EN 1463-1:2009 and are CE certified.

▪ Diameter: 50 mm (57 mm with installation guard)
▪ Total height: 43.5 mm
▪ Height above the surface: 12 mm
▪ Available colors: white, red, green

▪ roundabouts;
▪ arches;
▪ islands;
▪ intersections;
▪ tunnels;
▪ etc.

There is also a Road variant of TRANSTIMEX 360°
Installation Instructions and the current CE certificate are available in the Technical Documentation.